What Are you "Eating?"

Producing Faith By Feeding Spirit

In today's devotional something that stood out to me was the question what's feeding your spirit?  

The same way the amount of time in the gym will produce muscles , the amount of time nurturing your spirit will produce a stronger faith. An excerpt from the devotional said that "...unfortunately many people have replaced God's voice with outdated, fake, empty sources..."

It is important to use discernment when  allowing people to speak into your life or even when you are speaking life to yourself. Choose your words wisely as words can hold tremendous weight.

 No matter the source of the words (i.e. TV, music, conversations/relationships)  we must filter what we consume. Think about how we shield children from seeing certain content to protect them. Use this same method to protect and strengthen your spirit.

Devotional From Limitless Faith by Christ For The Nations

March 24th, 2019